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  1. G

    Flue and Chimney cleaning

    New to wood stoves and Hearth. Had my chimney cleaned (Napoleon S9 with flue and chimney) a couple weeks ago. Now I am hearing a lot of what I assume is creosote falling in the flue when I light a fire. I was nervous about safety because I bought this house a year ago and don’t know the...
  2. coffeecup86

    Question about new lines chimney

    Hiya folks. I made a couple threads last season, I’ll give a quick back story. Recently bought a house. It had a pellet stove vented into a 8in terracotta lined chimney. Yikes. We replaced the pellet stove with a wood stove. We had a lot of issues getting fires going in the dead of winter...
  3. C

    Creosote running down wall

    My husband and I recently bought a house with a wood stove and the first time (and only time) we tried to use it last fall it started to leak black liquid down from where the pipe and wall meet, but it leaks even when we don't use it! We've had chimney people come out and inspect it and have...
  4. M

    Old stove moved to new house. Back puff and creosote questions.

    TL;DR I am still new to running a stove I've had for a few years and hoping to get advice on what to do moving forward... Hey all. I recently moved to a new (to me) house and there was a large timberline stove setup downstairs. I pulled it out and installed my Warnock Hersey 24-IC because it...
  5. S

    Cleaning Smoke Chamber - Clean Enough>

    I am cleaning my smoke chamber, still have to get around the smoke shelf. I am doing the cleaning prior to installing a liner. Does this look clean enough or do I need to do alittle more? Using a wire brush fairly lightly and a 6" chimney brush to reach toward the top.
  6. S

    1 month chimney inspection

    It's been a little over a month since we've started using the Drolet HT2000. So during today's mild weather I decided to inspect the chimney. This is what I found Thoughts??