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  1. M


    We have burned wood in a Prairie Farm wood boiler for 37 years. It finally gave up the ghost and we changed to a Hearthstone Castleton wood stove. (In a walk-out basement). The ash clean out for when the chimney is cleaned is 4' up the wall, and since we put in the Castleton, liquid creosote...
  2. M

    Chimney Fire Jitters

    So, we had what we suspect was a relatively minor chimney fire. Now I feel like I'm on high alert all the time and I'm kind of nervous whenever we have it running... which is always. Here's the particulars: New insulated stainless chimney installed up through the middle of the house. Installed...
  3. Whiskey Fun

    Total Creosote Blockage After 1-2 Fires

    First, thank you all for the great info already gathered! Here's my situation. We just moved into a rental home with a Vermont Castings Vigilant (early to mid-1980's), with a rear exit. Off the stove is a single wall, 8" oval male-90 degree (horizontal)- 8" round female pipe, connected to...