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  1. N.E.K. - D.D.S.

    How to extend vent of oil boiler above the snow line?

    I do the vast majority of my heating with wood stoves, which is quite satisfying. However, my furnace was destroyed in the flood and I need some backup heat to prevent freezing when I am out of town, and to fill in the heat gaps in a couple areas. I have acquired a Toyotomi OM128-HH (direct...
  2. D

    Anyone know much about gas stoves?

    Hi all! We have a vistaflame pellet stove in the basement (maybe 1000sf) that we’re looking to replace with a gas stove. It’s been running well for 8 years with one or two part changes but we’re so done with lugging 3-4 tons of pellets bags into the house. We’re thinking of replacing it with...
  3. W

    Tips for buying a used Jotul GF DV gas stove from afar?

    Hi! I've spent the last several weeks obsessively reading It's a Gas posts (thank you!), and I've narrowed down my search to the Jotul GF 200 or 300 DV standing pilot (NG). I don't have the budget for a new unit. Used stoves are very scarce in my area so I'm looking at trucking one out from...
  4. S

    Venting debacle

    Hi all. I am looking for some suggestions and/or info on a situation I am dealing with in my home. I have a Regency freestanding U27-NG1 natural gas fireplace that is about 20 years old. It was direct vented horizontally through my living room wall, through an existing masonry chimney and out...
  5. B

    Old Heat N Glo Venting/Term Needed

    Hi all! I am in a bit of a bind. I have a 16” run off of a Heat N Glo ST-TRC and need the venting and term cap. Willing to use any combination of DV-06D, DV-12D, or DV-24D venting (or adapters and new venting?). Term cap is part DVK-01TRD. Thanks!
  6. O

    Direct Vent Exhaust - Horizontal Termination - Insulation?

    Pictures are attached, which may better explain what I'm trying to say with all these words below. I have a MLDV500PSC direct vent fireplace (formerly Majestic, now Vermont Castings). During my home build, my HVAC crew installed my horizontal vent using an appropriate venting cap kit. They...
  7. K

    Propane Fireplace decisions Astria, Montigo, Mendota, others??

    We are doing a renovation and have been looking at fireplaces to choose from. We are getting very over whelmed with all the brands out there. We only have two local dealers in our city, which provide limited choices of fireplaces, T&C, Montigo, Napoleon, Enviro, and Astria. Since our house...
  8. franticvike

    Direct Vent Pipe for B-Vent Fireplace?

    Hi, New member and very much appreciate any insight. I recently removed my brick chimney as part of a larger renovation. I've kept the frame of the hearth and am installing a zero clearance fireplace. The fireplace I have is a Kingsman ZV3600N. It's a "Vented" or B-vent model with a 4"...
  9. N

    Help identifying gas fireplace

    We recently bought a house with a gas direct vent fireplace. The plate with the info on brand and serial number is missing and when turning it on and having the gas company look at it we discovered there's a small leak where the pilot tubing hooks to the control because it doesn't have the...
  10. C

    Helping pick a direct vent gas fireplace

    I just found out we need a new direct vent fireplace. I am a complete amateur and no nothing about fireplaces. I am told we need a direct vent fireplace. I'm getting a bit overwhelmed by the options. I like big fire places with a grand view of the fire. I'm thinking that is leading me to full...
  11. Iburnslow

    Thimble Sizing Question; 3 or 4 inch?

    I've had a Harman for years. I originally installed it direct through the wall in my old house. Moved it to my new house and vented it up the chimney with flex pipe. Now, I'm moving it to my family room out of the chimney. It will go direct through the wall again, but it's been years since I've...
  12. T

    Gas Direct Vent Reverse venting - Vermont Castings Radiance

    Hi - I've got a15 year-old VC Radiance stove that's been working great until this year. Now it is reverse venting (hot air out the intake port at the bottom). I initially thought that the intake was clogged so took down the pipe and found a wasp nest. Thinking that was the issue I made sure...
  13. W

    Permanently Seal a Chimney

    I have gone to a Direct Vent gas insert that has been routed out the back wall of my chimney. The existing two story brick chimney is attached to my house on only one surface with the remaining three surfaces being exposed to the elements. The firebox is above ground level. I don't plan on...