drolet escape 1800

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  1. J

    What do I need to pass through drywall into a flue liner in a masonry chimney?

    Hi all, we moved into a home with an old Vermont Castings Vigilant stove that we are replacing with a new Drolet Escape 1800 as well as the old single wall stove pipe and adding a flue liner. We are doing this ourselves because we had a chimney sweep guy come to clean out the chimney and inspect...
  2. RomanW

    Well that worked out well!

    My stove has been super finicky the last couple of months, and yes, I'm still getting used to how to run it. But we get some pretty serious wind here (more than I'm used to), and it was causing havoc with the stove. Even had it push smoke out of the joints once on a big gust (While fully warmed...
  3. A

    6" to 8" - Same question, different story

    Hi friends, New member here though I’ve been thoroughly perusing and enjoying this forum for over a year now. Seems like a great community and I’ve finally decided to join up. I'm from central Kansas so we do have cold winters but mild compared to many of you! I'm going to install a wood stove...
  4. Picker

    Drolet Escape 1800 at Menards with 11% Rebate

    I have been researching new wood stoves and have pretty much have decided on a Drolet. My local Menards sells Drolet so I have visited their website several times recently. Was surprised this morning to see that Menards is doing a 11% store wide rebate until May 20, 2017 . Which would lower the...