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  1. M

    Englander 25pdvc questions

    I just picked up a used 2012 model of the englander 25pdvc. Got the unit set up on Monday and it ran fine for about 48 hours and 3 bags of pellets. Till today when it started having some actual issues. 1st. It seams the top feed auger doesn’t want to push anything into the feed hopper area...
  2. B

    Brand New Harmon Accentra 52i-TC Not Feeding

    Hey everyone. My family just got a new 52i-TC installed only a couple of months ago. Everything has been working just fine, only recently started using it on a regular basis, but I have been doing the cleaning typically prior to the notice displaying on the screen, trying to keep it very clean...
  3. etorres16

    Quadra-Fire Castile Not Working

    We moved into a new home last year with a Quadra-Fire Castile pellet stove. It worked great last winter, no issues other than occasionally needing to hit the reset button. This year, however, it has had issues feeding and igniting. The thermostat flashes "HEAT", the red call light comes on, and...
  4. T

    CAB 50 problems! Newbie to self servicing

    New member and 1st post. Only joined to try to get some help. Service guy is about 2 weeks out so thought I might see if anybody has answers. Cab 50 is a little over a year old and about a month ago started dropping pellets only until the blower kicked on and then stopped feeding. I noticed...
  5. J

    Quadrafire Contour pellet stove does not feed pellets

    So I bought an older Quadrafire Contour pellet stove secondhand. I think the stove is from 2001 (at least that seems to be the date on the control board.) I had it working for a few days but now the auger does not feed pellets anymore. When I plug it in the exhaust blower comes on and when I...