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  1. tinyorchid

    First Fire for New Morso 2B Standard, cast iron

    In two weeks my new Morso 2B Standard, cast iron stove will be installed. It will be my first NEW wood stove. Is there any certain way to make the first fire in a stove? Seems like a silly questions, but maybe it is important? Thanks, Tammie
  2. W

    How long for new Blaze King paint to cure/smell/smoke

    Had the first fire in my new BK Ashford 30. It had a good amount of smoke coming off the whole top/sides of the firebox last night. Left it burning on low all night with the windows open. This morning the smoke is much less but the smell is still there. If anyone can tell me how normal this is...
  3. A

    Couple newbie questions.......

    I have a newly installed quadrafire voyager grand. I have just installed a block off plate and insulation, and I am ready to fire this unit up for a few small break in fires. My block off plate is fairly snug, but it does have a few gaps at the walls and at the ss liner. Should I stuff the...
  4. M

    Visible Smoke From Paint during first firings?

    i've got a Morso squirrel. During the first 3 fires (I've made them progressively hotter each time), I've noticed a chemical smell and and some smoke coming off the top of the stove. Is this normal? And if so how long will it last? Morso manual acknowledges that there might be a chemical smell...

    PE Alderlea T6 first fire & break in period?

    My wife and I just built a new house. We have a brand new Pacific Energy Alderlea T6 stove and about 6 cord of seasoned and split oak, maple, and ash. We have read the owners manual cover-to-cover however we have a few questions. What is a good guideline for the first fire and subsequent...