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  1. C

    Enerzone Pellet Stove????

    Hello, new to pellet stoves here and looking to replace my current wood burning furnace. My local dealer has several floor models at a "good price" but I am between two options. One being the Hampton GC60 (which after a simple google search is out of the race) but the other is an Enerzone...
  2. Garraty47

    Replacing old Franklin with Hampton H300 vs Lopi Rockport vs Jotul F400

    Hi all, I’m a long time lurker, first time poster. I’d like to thank everyone on this forum for sharing your insights and experience with the community. This site has provided a lot of information, education, and inspiration. I would appreciate hearing your opinions about these three stoves as...
  3. H

    HI300 Insert blower bearing replacement

    Hi all, I have a Hampton HI300 wood insert. Not sure how old, but less than 10 years. Was here when I bought the house. The blower is louder than it should be which is annoying at night when folks are trying to sleep (not to mention when we're right next to it watching TV). I took the blower...
  4. H

    Regency Hampton HI300 flue baffle removal

    Hello, First post here. I have a Regency Hampton HI300 wood insert. The previous owner of my home had it installed, so I don't have a ton of history with it. My chimey has clay liners (3), and the center liner has a flexible steel pipe in it which is connected to the insert below. I cleaned the...
  5. P

    Hampton GC60 worse stove ever made

    Bought a Hampton GC60 two years ago. Was all excited it was my first pellet stove and a darn nice expensive one. The stove looked great and worked well for two years and the next month that the warranty ran out the stove went down hill and needed lots of repairs. I was told to call the...
  6. G

    Hampton/Regency HI300: Operation Optimization

    Hey all! I'm a long time lurker here. I've been running a Hampton/Regency HI300 for the past month and a half. I moved into a home that had one installed. It is located in the main living room (not outer wall, inner wall) of a 1050 square foot ranch that is constructed of block with poor to no...
  7. P

    Poor Product or Incompetency? Regency H-35

    Hi All, First post here but a longtime lurker and learner - thank you all for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise. Last year I purchased and installed a Regency H35 and really enjoyed the ambiance, heat output and look of the stove. Spring came and I turned it off...
  8. J

    Hampton HI-300 door gasket replacement

    I am going on my 5th year with my HI-300. I am wondering if it's getting time to replace the door gasket. In my 3rd season I did the dollar bill test and found a poor seal near the hinge side (IIRC). I removed a washer from the latch assembly as shown in the manual and that fixed things up...