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  1. Y

    Outside Air Kit touching Exhaust. Is this bad?

    I just had my new P68 installed yesterday, and noticed the OAK line is sitting on the exhaust. Is this going to create any problems in the future?
  2. T

    Englander 25-PDVC overfeeding. Motor or Circuit Board?

    Hello! My stove has been running hot since it was installed 2 years ago. Now that I finished the basement and I am spending time down there, I realized the heat has become a problem. My settings: Year: 2018 Feed: 1 Fan: 1 LFF: 1 LBA: 4 OAT: 1 Restrictor Plate: fully closed Operating Mode: D...
  3. S

    Hot door handles - Heritage 8024 soapstone

    The wooden handles sometimes get hot. Is this normal? Right now the left side door wooden handle is too hot to hold, the front door handle is warm. Once before the front door handle was too hot and I had to use a glove to open it. Will the wooden handles catch in fire if they get too hot? The...
  4. D

    Enviro Cabello 1200 burning too hot

    Hello and thanks in advance for the assistance, this forum is an amazing source of info! I have an Enviro Cabello 1200 fireplace insert that imo is burning way to hot and am wondering if anyone else has seen similar issues with this stove. With the damper fully closed it is not uncommon to see...
  5. R

    Castle Serenity stove too hot to touch

    Got the stove up and running today and noticed the sides get extremely hot. Anything longer than a quick, glancing touch will definitely cause some burns. I've had a few stoves (10+ years old) previously that were warm, at most very warm, to the touch so this is quite new to me. Anyone here...
  6. fowlerrudi

    My Hot Tub Hookup Experience - Glycol Loop

    I thought I would share my hot tub hookup just for into for those who may be googling this and need some info like I did. I have an Eko 40 Boiler with 1000 gallons of storage - coupled with a Vesta System from nofossil. We acquired a free hot tub that was only a few years old and had either a...