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    Lopi Evergreen

    Hello, This past weekend I put money down to hold a Lopi Evergreen Stove, as they had a couple non-hybrid models left in stock. I've never owned a wood stove before. I've done quite a bit of reading on here and research. I'm starting to wonder if I should go with the Endeavor, due to it...
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    Opinions on Clysdale Enameled Insert

    I have a large carved brick fireplace and mantle in a 1927 Arts and Crafts home. I am looking at two possible wood inserts for the home--a Hearthstone Clysdale or a Lopi Large Flush Hybrid-Fyre. I love the russet color on the enamel face of the Clysdale and believe it will look fabulous in our...
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    Wood insert Jotul vs Hybride?

    Hello, Planning to install an insert in our cottage, we'd like a large window. Our options narrowed down to Large flush Hybrid-Fyre (Fireplex) vs Jotul C55 Rockland vs Vermont Casting Montpelier. Fireplex has a larger window but is "Hybrid", Vermont Casting mid size but smaller fire Box. Any...
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    Large or Small Hybrid FPX Insert - The BIG Debate

    I'm looking for some help from seasoned insert burners to decide which FPX hybrid insert to buy: large or small. My house is a 2000 sq ft rancher including a finished basement. The living room with fireplace is only 400 sq ft and the first floor with kitchen, dining room, and three bedrooms is...
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    FPX Lopi Small Flush Wood Hybrid-Fyre Insert

    This seems like a great little insert but I can't find any reviews or information on it. My local stove outlet doesn't keep one in stock and it would have to be special ordered. Anyone have one that can share some insight? Is it big enough to heat a 600 sq ft room? House is 2000 sq ft rancher. I...