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  1. logibear25

    New house build question

    Hey guys, Looking for opinions based off your experience. My wife and I are building a new home next year located in Southern Illinois. The home will be one level, approx. 2,000 sq feet, open concept, as well as a finished basement. I want the primary source of heat to be wood, particularly an...
  2. suzanne427

    Want to install a woodstove- overwhelmed!

    I miss having wood heat and am searching for a woodstove- grew up in Vermont and now live in Northern (cold, damp) California. Seems like there are mixed reviews on new stoves so I"m hesitant to just go with the stove saleswoman's advice. I have a small, drafty, 800 sq. ft bungalow with...
  3. V

    Stove advice - First wood burner, new house build

    Hi everyone, First post so I hope you will forgive me the wall of text I am working on a new house build and I wanted to get some advice on wood burning stove. To start, and y'all may make fun of me for this, but we live in North Texas. The primary function of the house will be a vacation...
  4. M

    Old stove moved to new house. Back puff and creosote questions.

    TL;DR I am still new to running a stove I've had for a few years and hoping to get advice on what to do moving forward... Hey all. I recently moved to a new (to me) house and there was a large timberline stove setup downstairs. I pulled it out and installed my Warnock Hersey 24-IC because it...
  5. T

    Need advice on pellet stove

    I just purchased a new home and am interested in getting a pellet stove. The previous owners had a pellet stove, so we have the vents/intake needed. Here's where I ran into a problem. So, I am interested in getting a Harman stove, as that's the type stove I had growing up. It's been going strong...
  6. B

    Buying fisher stove

    Thinking about buying a fisher stove to heat my home with. Found a mama bear local to me, they are hard to find in my area and normal asking price is $700 . They are asking $500 for this one. What condition would y’all say it’s in. Most of them I’ve seen have been repainted, I’m not concerned...
  7. B-Rad

    New Home 1,775sf Ranch with unfinished basement.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum but have been reading a lot of information for some time now. I am in Iowa and just built a new home. 1,775 sf open floor plan ranch with the same sf in the unfinished (but insulated) basement. I went to a local dealer and had them come an look at the...
  8. L

    New home: Fireplace or wood stove?

    We are building a 3500 sf ranch home outside of Philadelphia on 50 acres. We have 10 acres of woods that should give us enough wood to burn. In the center of the house in a great room we are planning a fireplace because one person really wants a fireplace more for the enjoyment of an open fire...
  9. A

    Starting with a clean sheet!

    Hi everyone This is my first post to the forum so be gentle with me! I am in the enviable position of planning a new house on farm land that I bought several years ago. I want to make sure I get it right because this is a one shot deal. It will be a pretty large house 6500 sq ft +/- over 3...