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  1. P

    Stove selection experiences (Lopi vs Jotul)

    New member, but long time lurker. I’m in the process of selecting a new stove to replace a 15yo Hearthstone Bennington. The stove has started to leak in a couple spots and I was unable to disassemble to replace gaskets. Love the looks and performance, but disappointed by the failure. The stove...
  2. J

    New to wood stoves & could use some advice!

    We just purchased a house that has an old, rusted out wood stove. We had it inspected, and it's absolutely unsafe to use. We live in Ohio and have 2 local dealers - one sells Vermont Castings and one sells Kuma. We're looking to heat our 1700sqft cape cod style home, nearly full time. There's a...
  3. W

    Recommendations? Need new stove, secondary air.

    We're moving, and will be building a new home (i.e. we can design the spot for the stove). We've used a stove to heat our whole house in our last 3 homes/40 years (with backup propane furnace) - but bought the last stove 22 years ago and things have changed! The new house will be a bit...
  4. tinyorchid

    First Fire for New Morso 2B Standard, cast iron

    In two weeks my new Morso 2B Standard, cast iron stove will be installed. It will be my first NEW wood stove. Is there any certain way to make the first fire in a stove? Seems like a silly questions, but maybe it is important? Thanks, Tammie
  5. cr0

    Should we get chimney inspected/cleaned?

    We had a Princess 29 Insert installed at the start of March and used it more or less daily for the next 4 to 5 weeks. We tried to follow best practices but did bump around the learning curve a little, so I'm sure not all our fires were ideal in their rhythms and temperature patterns. And, of...
  6. J

    I am stressed - breaking in Arada stove

    Hi guys, New to the forum. Please calm my nerves. Just had a new stove installed (Arada Ecoburn S5 widescreen - steel with cast door) Asked the fitter for best procedure. He said to make sure you burn the fire hot and don’t go too big which I have done. Only adding one log at a time on the...
  7. R

    Pacific Energy Super Insert - One year in

    Hello there! About a year ago I had a new Pacific Energy Super insert installed. Honestly, I had almost no idea what I was doing other than the fact that I love fire, fireplaces, stoves etc and my father has an older (late 90s something) Vermont Castings catalytic stove insert which he loves...
  8. C

    Choosing the Correct Wood Stove for 750 sqft Home in Alaska

    Hey Everyone! Long time lurker, there's some really great info here!! I could use some recommendations on the correct wood stove for mine and my husband's house. Here are some basic details: The home is 2 story 24'x32' with 8' ceilings - garage on bottom, living space on top (approx 750 sqft...
  9. M

    Help selecting a wood stove

    Greetings! There are so many choices, I need some advice from folks who know what they are doing! Here's the context: -1700 sf double wide manufactured home (1998) -Western North Carolina (temperate) -House also has a heat pump which we would like to use less -Stove will be centrally located...
  10. Tennessee.Pilgrim

    Looking for a New Stove

    Hello all, I have been scouring these forums for months and finally decided to join in. I'm researching my next stove and I have not been able to decide on one yet. Here is my situation, please feel free to offer your advice and opinions. I am building a new home in Northern/Middle Tennessee...
  11. L

    NEW Pellet Stove Owner (Harman Absolute 63) NOOB questions

    Hi All! We are new to Pellet Stoves and just got a brand new Absolute 63 installed today. It is a corner installation with a 45 degree out the back, a pass through with the clean air intake integrated, and a 4 foot riser on the outside of the house. I have a few newbie questions: 1) As the...
  12. A

    Which stove to buy?

    hi, I’m brand new here but I’ve read a lot of reviews and advice so I thought I’d ask for educated opinions here. Thanks in advance! I’m in southern Ontario. We have small bungalow (920 sq feet main floor and 920 sq feet finished basement. We want a stove in our basement which would be only a...