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  1. J

    Am I Using This Right? Pel-Pro130

    Last year I bought my first pellet stove, and had nothing but issues after 5-6 months using it because of apparent bad control boards, and admittedly partly because I never used one before. But, Hearth replaced it for me free of charge because I had to replace every internal part within the...
  2. W

    PelPro PP130 Startup Issues

    First time starting in 4 months. I have power, blinking lights. The only thing that seems to turn on is the igniter. I have tried turning the dial to a numbered position and I have tried the Hi - Low - High to prime the auger. The exhaust fan and auger will not turn on or spin. It's just a...
  3. T

    Auger rotates and unplugs

    My dad put in a new auger last year. It's a pelpro stove. The two connections plug in from the stove to the auger , both have a white connector. In the middle of the night we freeze to death because the two connectors come apart. You cant electric tape them, they still come apart. It's like it...
  4. O

    PelPro stove installed 16" from wall; should be 3". What can we do?

    Hi and thanks in advance for any insights and ideas shared here! We had a PelPro pellet stove installed in a corner of our living room. This was a new installation - no pellet or wood burning stove had ever existed before. Link to manual...
  5. F

    Pelpro PP60 - won’t ignite

    Hello, We bought a house last year with a pellet stove. It worked great all last winter, but currently it won’t ignite. We checked the igniter fuse, and it still works, as does the snap disc. We have cleaned out the stove, and checked the fan. Otherwise I’m not sure what else we need to do. Any...
  6. V

    Brand New PelPro PP130 Issues

    hi i am new to this forum and i feel like i shouldnt be here this soon. ive been having pellet stove issues for months now so i broke down and purchased a PelPro PP130. Super excited when it came in i bought a bunch of pellets. I read the user manuel to make sure i didnt mess anything up. I did...
  7. M

    Pelpro PP60 issues

    I have a pelpro pp60 I bought at Menards last November. Keep having issues with the unit and can't find anyone that will work on them. I am located in NE Ohio. I have broken 3 of the cotter pins that connect the motor to the auger. Not sure why they keep breaking. Last time it broke I even...
  8. New to Pellet Stove

    Baffled beyond words...

    Let me start by saying that we have tried everything we could think of, several times, several people... so someone out there in cyberspace has to be able to help us! I bought a used PelPro WH-5483 with an Acutron II memory board; working at time of purchase. Had it installed and gave it a...
  9. M

    Best Pellet Stove and Installation Location for Uninsulated Garage

    I'm looking for recommendations on a pellet stove for a two-car garage that has a second floor room. I'd really like to put the pellet stove on the first floor, so both spaces would be heated, but from what I'm reading on the forums, it seems the pellet heaters don't distribute heat that well...
  10. N

    Pelpro TSC90 - to good to be true?

    First time poster, been lurking for a few days trying to decide on a 1st pellet stove to heat my finished basement. Is the Pelpro TSC90 the real deal? It seems comparable with a lot of the "Cadillac" stoves like Harmans, Enviro, Quadra etc..without the hefty price tag of a cast iron stove. I...
  11. F

    PelPro glass is black

    Hello, I am new to using a pellet stove as we bought out PelPro pp 130 back in December 2016 and have now burned about 2 tons in it. We've burned American Wood Fibers - Premium Hardwood the entire time. We don't have room to store it so our local feed store just keeps a running tally for us and...
  12. T

    Pelopro ppc90 problem

    I have a Pelopro ppc 90. I have had problems with it since day one. Whenever the stove gets close to reaching the set temperature it goes down with a pellet feed error. There is little to no information on the net about this stove please help.