rain cap

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  1. RomanW

    Well that worked out well!

    My stove has been super finicky the last couple of months, and yes, I'm still getting used to how to run it. But we get some pretty serious wind here (more than I'm used to), and it was causing havoc with the stove. Even had it push smoke out of the joints once on a big gust (While fully warmed...
  2. B

    Name this Rain Cap!

    Trying to replace my rain cap and I can’t tell what brand/manufacture it is. Got a new one from Menards and it would not fit the pipe, was just a bit too large and wouldn’t lock. Please help!! Thanks in advance!!
  3. D

    Chimney needs replacement rain cap with 12" long attachment sleeve

    Hello Hearthers! First time poster here with a question about rain caps. Here's a synopsis of my chimney: Age: approx 31 years Appliance: fireplace only Fuel: wood log only Height: 22 feet Construction: 6' x 2' wood chase with veneer "brick" mortared to exterior Flue: Round, 9" ID x 14"...