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  1. R

    Considering removing wood insert - where do I start?

    Hello! I am excited to have found this website and am hoping to get my beginner questions answered here as I don't know where else to turn. I bought a 1954 house a year ago. It was previously a rental and in general, needs a lot of TLC. There is an old fireplace with a wood insert. The roof was...
  2. TMFalgrim

    Old Stove pipe in basement removal? Can I cut it?

    Hello, I know absolutely 100% nothing about stoves, chimneys, or any of this, and I am so grateful that this forum exists. the house was built in 1870 at some point had a big wood-burning stove in the basement with the pipe connected to the chimney. Pipe sticks out a good 4 feet from the...
  3. F

    Quadra-Fire MT VERNON INSERT-AE Main Control Board Removal

    In replacing a thermal link I broke off one of the pins on the circuit board. Tried searching for video on how to remove the board so I can try soldering a new pin. Can't find one, does anyone know of one or detailed directions on removing the unit ? As stated in the title it's a QF Mt Vernon AE...
  4. A

    Help :/ Zero Clearance Removal Keep Same Pipe

    Hello! I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else but I’m having trouble finding other threads with the exact same issue as me. I would really appreciated any help. We’re replacing an old Napoleon ZCF with a free standing wood stove. I’d like to remove the current ZCF but keep the...
  5. H

    Regency Hampton HI300 flue baffle removal

    Hello, First post here. I have a Regency Hampton HI300 wood insert. The previous owner of my home had it installed, so I don't have a ton of history with it. My chimey has clay liners (3), and the center liner has a flexible steel pipe in it which is connected to the insert below. I cleaned the...
  6. O

    Regency Hearth Heater ( H2100M )Installation

    Is there a secret to removal of metalbest once locked down? I opened up the wall (corner) giving myself plenty of room to grab the pipe and turn counter-clockwise but there was not a hint of it budging. DO I need to use a thin bee keepers pry bar to perhaps break a creosote seal inside or what...
  7. C

    cover plate behind ash pan?

    We just moved into a home that has had a wood stove in for about ten years. We noticed that air flow wasn't great and upon speaking to someone at a store they said that there is a cover plate behind the area where the ash pan is. It was/is supposed to be removed upon installation. Sure enough...