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  1. J

    Multifuel options USA vs UK

    Hello everyone, I've been doing alot of shopping around to replace our old garrison stove. We have a small masonry fireplace in our 900sqft cabin in upstate NY, and noticed there is plenty of relatively small options available in the UK, but very few in the US. Why is this? It's so...
  2. N

    Century S244 Installed in small cabin

    Put this little stove in over Christmas so we had a nice warm place to spend New Year’s Eve. I’m super happy with how things turned out. Its in a 12x16 cabin on the property we live on. Puts out good heat, and glass stays nice and clear. I’d have appreciated updated instructions from Duravent...
  3. G

    Wood stove for a 500 sf footprint cabin (two story cabin)

    Hi Folks, I am new to the forum and thanks to all who put in so much time and effort on this great topic. We own a small cabin in California and we are trying to decide which stove size to buy. This is our first time purchasing a new stove so I am doing as much research as I can about wood...
  4. ChainsawDave

    Installation Design Advice for a Small Cabin

    Hi everyone! So I've got all the components for my install and have a couple questions about clearances. My stove is an HQ issue tent stove (I know it's not ideal but i figure if I follow the advice for un-certified stoves, it can be done safely). The stove is in a corner but also partially...
  5. Riverman

    Jotul #8 Sq ft?

    Hi- newbie here! I have been cruising the forums for a couple of weeks and have enjoyed and appreciated all the info that I have found here. I am purchasing a "new to me" wood stove for my cabin (just under 1000 sq ft) and have found a few on craigslist locally. One that caught my attention...