steel firebox

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    Remove rotted steel firebox or can it support a wood stove insert?

    Hi everyone. I have a house that was built in MA in 1978 and renovated in 2011 with the exception of the fireplace. We purchased our home in 2020 and I don’t know much about the fireplace or when it was last used. We have a three flue chimney with one flue decommissioned that was used for a...
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    Photos! Rusted Majestic steel firebox removed - possibly wanting to put in a stove

    I've had a lot of water intrusion in a home I purchased that was covered up. I only noticed after starting renovation of the fireplace surround that turned into going down a rabbit hole of a rusted out firebox, separation of the surround, sagging floor, water intrusion, and crumbling mortar. I'm...
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    Question about replaced glass panels in my wood burning insert

    Hello All, I was hoping to pick the community's brain on proper install for some replacement glass inserts I just had made for my older wood burning insert (1979 Phoenix Manufacturing wood-burning insert). I had Robax inserts made as I understand these resist more heat than ceramic or tempered...
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    Woodstove doesn't heat any more

    Been running woodstoves (steel, cast iron, etc) since I was a child. Current stove is fairly small steel firebox (approx 24 x 20 x 10 firebox) When first installed 20 years ago that thing was hotter than hell. Once you got a good set of coals, you could throw some wood on it, close the air...