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  1. P

    Jotul F500v3 in fireplace - chimney sweeping

    Hi all, first time poster. We have a 1985 Lopi 520 (iirc) in our basement but want to get a heater on main floor to heat more of the house, plus that’s where we spend majority or our time. Currently have a masonry fireplace where propane logs were installed prior to us buying the house. I’m...
  2. EncoreInMass

    How do I remove this Tee base Cap? (With Pictures)

    Hello, I use to be a wood burner (Name) but now we're a pellet house. Ravelli RV100 Classic (LOVE IT) We're burning early this year and I wanted to DIY sweep the chimney. I already have all the gear and was set to go when I hit this speed bump. How do I get this Tee base cap off? I can tell it...
  3. F

    Wire brush on metal chimney -- how bad to use once more?

    We moved into a house with a woodstove three years ago. We've had a chimney sweep come twice, and I'd like to try taking that on myself this year. The chimney is metal (shown in photos), and I've read here that a wire brush isn't recommended for metal chimneys (and that a SootEater is). But I'm...
  4. G

    Cleaned up for the season

    I always forget how much work it is, but it's done now. Removed ashes from both stoves, swept both flues with the sooteater, dismantled and vacuumed cat combustion chambers, touched up some gasket cement and tightened door latches. I also like to put some cat litter in the ash tray to keep the...
  5. B

    Crackling in chimney

    Hello, we've been burning in our wood stove since about October. Over the weekend, we heard some crackling in the stovepipe (up near the ceiling) and decided it was time to clean the chimney. We did that, but our stove has baffle boards on top, so after sweeping everything down we kind of...
  6. P

    Rear Vent Stove - Sweeping

    Wood stove noob here. I just bought a Hi-Flame 905u to help heat my little house. I'm going to be using the rear vent instead of the top so I can have the stove sitting out in front of the old fireplace instead of tucked all the way in. Installing a flex liner up the existing flue. My kit came...
  7. H

    Regency Hampton HI300 flue baffle removal

    Hello, First post here. I have a Regency Hampton HI300 wood insert. The previous owner of my home had it installed, so I don't have a ton of history with it. My chimey has clay liners (3), and the center liner has a flexible steel pipe in it which is connected to the insert below. I cleaned the...