Cleaned up for the season

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Minister of Fire
Feb 8, 2020
Central MA
I always forget how much work it is, but it's done now. Removed ashes from both stoves, swept both flues with the sooteater, dismantled and vacuumed cat combustion chambers, touched up some gasket cement and tightened door latches. I also like to put some cat litter in the ash tray to keep the firebox dry from summer humidity. We are in full summer mode now with highs in the 90s. Stoves are taking a break now and all ready to go when October comes around.

Cleaned up for the season
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Looking good. That is such a handsome stove.
Looking good. That is such a handsome stove.
Yes I like it a lot. When my wife and I were stove shopping the appearance was definitely a major factor. Our short list was this Encore and the Jotul F400. We ended up going with the VC because of the catalyst and I think that was a good choice for us. The Intrepid is literally the same stove but miniature. It's adorable.
That's a nice looking stove and glad "this work of cleanup is finished" now you can enjoy the summer without it being on your mind with another project "that you have to do"--enjoy..c