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  1. W

    Fixing/Maintaining Lopi Freedom Bay

    Hi, all! First post here. A few years ago, we moved into a home that was previously owned by a big wood burning stove aficionado. We have a forced air furnace, and do not rely on the stove for primary heat. However, we have a ton of seasoned wood, as we live against some forest (I split and...
  2. J

    Help with chimney smoke!

    Hi all - I’ve made an account here in the hopes I’ll get some guidance on a stove I have inherited. I’m having issues with smoke from the chimney. I am burning kiln dried wood (moisture checked to 11%) at the correct temps (as far as I can tell with thermometer) and the chimney was swept only...
  3. KFISH

    Fisher Wood Stove I.D. HELP!

    Looking to identify a Fisher woodstove I found on Facebook Marketplace. I'd like to give it a new life in my pole barn after some TLC. The SOB is heavier than I ever thought! Any info is much appreciated. Also, many of the firebricks are broken inside. Any recommendations as to where I can...
  4. C

    1980s brass flame is this original? Paint burn smell

    Hi everyone, out brass flame is churning through our second fire just in time for winter. First time we noted a burning paint smell, scraped top off and much better.. but now I want to strip and recoat the main box with fireplace paint in the same color (I already sourced it on amazon). Was...
  5. J

    Zero Clearance Insert recommendation

    Hello. I'm wanting some recommendations on wood burning inserts for my superior zero clearance fireplace. The model number is WRT2036WS. Thank you
  6. B

    Please help! New House has a fisher stove…no idea what I’m doing.

    I recently bought a house that has a fisher stove in the basement. The previous owner only lived at the house for a short period of time and never used it. I am having people professionally clean it, etc. but I have no idea how it works or what model it is. (How does it heat the house? Is there...
  7. E

    Compact/Smallest Zero Clearance Open Fireplace on Market

    Hi, I am seeking to install a fireplace in new construction that has to be freestanding due to a large number of glass walls. I also would like it to be wood burning. However, where the job is located in New York State the government has discussed banning wood so I would like the ability to...
  8. G

    Our wood stove installation denied

    We recently installed a vintage wood burning stove, and because it had no UL listing we went by the guidelines found at nasd online. I printed that information out, along with some other information I had researched. I highlighted all of the specs we were going by and I put it in with our permit...
  9. J

    Looking for value of: Penn Royal #3421 Fireplace Insert

    Penn Royal wood burning fireplace insert. Comes with electric blower. Every piece included. NO MISSING ORIGINAL PARTS. Fits a 32" wide opening in your fireplace and is 14" deep til flange and back side is 28" tall... so your fireplace opening would need to be 32"w x 28"h x 14"d. The flange is...
  10. C

    Restoring a brick, 100 yr old sagging hearth

    I've recently inherited a few gorgeous fireplaces (4) that are in need of some repair, all built in the late 1800's. They have not been burned in for some time (years) and the hearths seem to be sinking/sagging/leaning, all in the same way but to varying degrees of severity. These aren't...
  11. C

    Can you add cement board to shorten a firebox?

    Hi, My wife and I demoed a river rock fireplace facing and are now wondering... how can we clean this mess up? Our main question is: can we simply place a cement board over the front of the firebox to shorten it, or do we need to lower it with fire resistant bricks? We are thinking: 1...
  12. C

    Help identifying fireplace insert!

    Hello! My wife and I purchased our first home earlier this year and have been enjoying burning some wood this fall on the chilly nights. I was just wondering if anyone has any idea what kind of fireplace insert this is as I am unable to find any sort of markings on the insert itself to lend...
  13. B

    Help picking a wood burning insert

    Hey everyone and thank you for taking the time to read my post and reply. I have a large fireplace in the basement of my 4000 square ft raised ranch and would like to have an insert installed to supplement my oil heat as much as possible. Now I know I will not be about to heat the entire house...
  14. D

    Extend a raised hearth to pass code

    Hi everyone, I’m new to the forum. I recently ran into a problem when trying to pass rental code inspection for a house we bought that was built in the 60s. We were told the hearth is too narrow, it currently measures at 12 inches and code requires it to be at least 20” if I remember correctly...
  15. Jacklumber

    Zero Clearance Wood Burning Fireplace Build and Install

    I finally completed this project. It's a follow on from a previous thread of last year when I came into the forum asking advice about installing a freestanding stove inside an old zero clearance space. https://www.hearth.com/talk/threads/installing-wood-stove-in-old-zc-space.163487/ It...
  16. C

    Duraplus Insulated triple wall running through masonry chimney

    I've been an avid reader of many a post on hearth.com, but today I finally made the leap and created an account! Here's my first post... A year ago when I purchased my first house, an 1890s era farmhouse, that has been built on and expanded over the years, I noticed the wonderful old fireplace...
  17. R

    Firelogs vs. wood fires

    Every time I get my fireplace cleaned, they say the same thing. That “real wood” is better than the firelogs. That real wood leaves less creosote that needs to be cleaned from the flue. But I cannot see how that makes any sense. When I use firelogs, I will use 2, maybe 3. When I use real wood...
  18. J

    Icon vs Birmingham Heatilator wood burning fireplace

    We are replacing the fireplace in an 80 year old cabin. We like wood burning for the ambiance and are considering the Icon and the Birmingham Heatilator fireplaces. We don't need need the fireplace for heat. Has anyone had experience with either of these two brands. The Icon is less...
  19. S

    Existing two sided wood burning fireplace fix needed

    We have a 1959 ranch that has a large 2002 addition both on the first floor and now a second floor. The prior owner expanded the existing fireplace to make it a two sided fireplace -- one side in the original family room (now dining room) on what was an outside wall, and the other side in the...
  20. eastcoastcanada

    Wood stove purchase help

    Hi, I'm new here and I hope to gain some insite on wood burning stoves before my purchase. I read many threads but I'm not sure if I'm completely understanding the information and some threads are old and dead. I have a 10 year old 2200 sf split entrance bungalow with all electric heat. I'm...
  21. D

    Drolet 1800i or Century CW2900... same fireplace?

    So I'm looking for a budget fireplace with a little kick, enough to heat a 1600sq ft floor, and I've come across 2 finalists. They are the Drolet 1800i and the Century CW2900. The thing is they seem pretty much identical. They are even made by the same parent company. Is one brand "better"...
  22. D

    Wood Insert: Century Heating CW2500 VS. Century CW2900 VS. Colonial by Vogelzang

    Hey guys, I've been high and low looking for budget fireplaces. I've came across 2 that I can find fairly reasonable. They are the "Century Heating CW2500" and the "Colonial by Vogelzang". Century Heating CW2500 - $750 delivered (LINK) or Colonial by Vogelzang - $1100 shipped (LINK) Both...