wood stove insert

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  1. M

    Smelly room days after fire

    I’ve recently had a brand new Regency cat wood stove insert installed. I’ve had five 20-30 minute “break-in” fires and one 4-hour fire that stayed within 500-750 degrees the entire time. The first fire consisted of kindling and a few pieces of not ideal lumber (redwood, pine, etc). Since then...
  2. M

    Remove rotted steel firebox or can it support a wood stove insert?

    Hi everyone. I have a house that was built in MA in 1978 and renovated in 2011 with the exception of the fireplace. We purchased our home in 2020 and I don’t know much about the fireplace or when it was last used. We have a three flue chimney with one flue decommissioned that was used for a...
  3. Sifan7x7

    Lopi freedom insert vs pacific energy summit insert

    Hey guys new to the wood stoves. Two came up for sale, a Lopi freedom insert that is 5 years old and in good shape. And a pacific energy summit insert that is 15 years old in excellent shape. I would be installing a 6” flex chimney liner 20’ high. My house is roughly 1300 Sqaure feet 2 story...
  4. Paperchief

    Making a decision between fireplace & wood insert

    So, I’ve got a fireplace that needs some work. They told me about $4,750 to repair it to burn wood inside of it. they also said “well why don’t you just throw a wood insert in there” and said he could save me money and install it for $1,000 + the cost of insert /whatever else is needed. Now to...
  5. P

    PE Summit Insert Heat Output

    Hoping to get some help...I just bought and installed a PE Summit insert in my masonry fireplace with heatilator setup. I bought my PE based on reviews I had read online. I installed a SS insulated liner in my 16’ chimney, insulated under the rain cap as well as the damper opening of the...
  6. M

    Converting a gas Fireplace to Wood Burning Stove HELP.

    Hello Everyone, I need some help. I want to make sure that I do the right job and that whatever I do is safe. I recently bought a home, with a gas fireplace. The inspector said that the fireplace in its current condition is dangerous and that it used to be a wood fireplace and was covered to...
  7. R

    Installing cast iron insert in old stone fireplace.

    Hello, I am hoping to get some advice for a project I am working on. Below are the details. My wife and I bought a late 1940's house that has an older open stone fireplace. Its in excellent shape. We have burned a couple very small fires in it, but just for looks rather than for heat. It does...