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  1. Sifan7x7

    progress hybrid wood stove

    Looking to purchase a used soapstone progress hybrid wood stove. Anyone know what the hooks are for inside the firebox up top? Pic included. Are these good stoves? What’s one worth.
  2. N

    Final Decision (indecision!) between Jotul F55, Hearthstone Shelburne or Manchester, and Woodstock Ideal Steel

    Hi Folks! Coming in for a landing on a final decision about my stove purchase :). Based on all the feedback on this forum I think I'm going to stay away from the F500 Oslo v3. I don't really want to spend that much money on a new stove and potentially have to do things like plug the ashpan...
  3. D

    Steel to soapstone?

    Hello all, New here but I've been reading threads from you folks for a while. Wanted to get some experienced advice on a possible stove transition. My wife and I are in a pretty new, well insulated 2 story 3200 sq ft home, heating with a NC30 Englander. It does the job nicely overall (6-8h...
  4. R

    Cat issue with Woodstock Keystone?

    We've had a Woodstock Keystone stove since 2010. We LOVE it! Two years ago in 2018 I ordered and installed a new metal catalytic converter to replace the older ceramic one. The ceramic one was starting to crack and disintigrate. The metal cat worked just fine for a couple years. This season it's...
  5. B

    Anyone have a Woodstock Keystone installed in a corner?

    Just wondering if anyone has a Woodstock keystone installed in a corner.. our current woodstove is installed in a corner and I want to see how one looks so I can have a better idea of hearth lengths etc.. I’ve seen the diagram in the instruction manual but actual install pics will be good for...
  6. G

    Warped firebox on Progress Hybrid?

    I picked up a used Progress Hybrid and this is my first year burning in it. It really wasn't used, it sat in a guy's living room for 3 years and he never burned in it or even completely assembled it! I called Woodstock and made the recommended upgrades including a metal brace to the rear of the...
  7. T

    Questions~ Fireview Soapstone Refurbish Recommendations

    We bought a used Fireview stove a couple years ago for $800 and I think we are finally ready to get it ready to install! We live in Eastern Oregon and we plan to install in our manufactured home, we will be calling Woodstock to order the fresh air kit and chimney heat shield (it already had a...
  8. F

    Woodstock IS delivery and install

    Anybody here have experience finding someone to take delivery and professionally install a Woodstock stove? Bonus points if you've had a good experience with someone in southern Maine! I'd be ready to pull the trigger on a new WS IS purchase today if they had local dealers that could handle...
  9. S

    Woodstock Absolute Steel - choosing new stove

    Can’t figure out how to edit the post name- looking at the Absolute Steel .. sorry for confusion.... So I think I may have narrowed down my choice on replacing my older hearthstone, I see nothing but good reviews from Woodstock and am looking at the AS line, i have only burned on a non-cat any...
  10. KennyK

    Help me upgrade and upsize my wood stove!

    Hi all, A month ago I had my chimney lined and installed a little Jotul F100. I knew it was way undersized for my home, but due to mantle clearance issues, this was what worked, and I figured the main thing was getting the liner done well and then I could reassess the stove situation (plus I...
  11. Joyboy

    Woodstock progress vs hearthstone equinox

    Hello all, I am looking for some feedback on these stoves. I have a 4200 sq' house all on one level. It's kinda cut up and I know that whatever I get is going to need a little help. We live in Wyoming and have had some 20 below temps the last couple months. I want the most heat I can get but...
  12. B

    Wood Stove Design Help

    I am into my second season burning wood and would like to upgrade my operation. I currently have a Jotul F3 CB in the lower level of my 1900 SF raised ranch. Most of the hot air gets trapped in the lower level and I have been using the stove to supplement my heat. I would like to use wood as my...
  13. sailor61

    HELP....kind of concerned about what just happened with my Fireview

    I've got a Woodstock Fireview and have had it for several years. In general the stove has been fool proof and I love it. Been burning since early October - letting it go down very low, so barely warm, during the day and then stoking it back up in the evenings. Today I added a few splits...