woodstove and fireplace flue

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    Advise on storm collars

    hello to all, Recently discovered that I had a leak coming down my chimney pipe( stainless double insulated 6 inch pipe/ 30 foot) and discovered that the calking has failed around my storm collar. Desided to use leak stopper( heavy tar plastic type material) I was wondering if it is safe to use...
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    Logistics of adding a wood stove in basement

    I live in a townhouse with a wood burning fireplace. In the basement, there is a recessed area (directly below the fireplace which is one the main level). We have a wood stove that were looking to put into the main level fireplace; however, I'm wondering if it's possible to add a wood stove...
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    Woodstove in basement, fireplace first floor

    We are building a new house and haven't started framing yet. Home design shows a wood stove in the basement and fireplace with insert on the first floor on the same wall. From my reading we will need two flues. I'd like to find out if it is possible to run them parallel and enclose both with...