.050 and .058 chain

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Oct 31, 2010
Buffalo - Rochester
So a handful of years ago, I ended up swithing to 0.058" chain on my 350. Not sure why I switched really. That was probably the time I started using a full chisel as well, but that aside.....why would one do this? For example, if I were buying a new 346xp (which i may do) and the dealer gives me the option of what chain and I get a spare of the same.....what should you do. Keep in mind, I have equal of everything at home...so it doesn't make any difference in trying to keep the same equipment going. I've run full chisel on several saws that I own or have used and like that a lot...so that's kinda decided and on a 346 on know the pitch is .325, but what everyone do for the bar/chain width? If one could get whatever they wanted...what performs better?


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Sep 22, 2010
Most new bars and chains around here are .050 gauge, regardless of whether it's a dealer or big box store. That makes it a no-brainer for me; I get .050 gauge whenever possible.

On my 346XP, I run regular Stihl RSC on an Husqvara narrow kerf bar (Oregon Micro-Lite bar) all in .325, .050.


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Dec 4, 2009
With the new saws, some don't offer many with .058. I think it will slowly get phased out .
.050 chain is easy to find, probably will be for years.
You have more chain options with .050.

When I bought my last new saw, I elected to go 3/8 X.050. Matched my old saw, almost any chain type made comes in 3/8 X .050. Skip, 1/2 skip , square chisel, etc.
I can find an "off the shelf chain" at most any place that sells saw chain.
I was looking at 346xp, 460, 359 & 357xp, went with the 359, 20" X 3/8 X.050 bar

Try to find a .325 X .058 Stihl skip chain?? Not that you want or need one now, but 3/8 X .050, they make in almost all their chain types.
Even Oregon chain has fewer options in .325 X .058.

Just my thought when I have the choice. But I don't think you can get a 346xp with 3/8 X .050 bar, (but if they did *** :) )

I'd go the 20" X .325 X .050. on the 346xp (Nice light weight powerful saw, good reach with the 20" bar :) )


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Aug 11, 2008
Northeastern Ohio
.058 is the popular guage for 3/8" on new Husky saws...... I have no idea why (then again, I don't know why .050 is stihl's preference either). I usually buy my stuff used or look for deals on new, so I run whatever gauge the bar is. I don't think there is much difference.

.050 is easier to find if you are going to run stihl chain though


I think that .050 chain is probably best suited for 95% of any firewood cutter's needs. Not sure why different manufacturers do the .058, other than limiting you to buy chain from only a handful of manufacturers (I'm sure they will say that it is better for this or that, but we know the real reason). I run 3/8" .050 on most all applications, except when I'm doing some big 'n dirty stuff, then we go with 404 .063. This Picco chain is predominately factory installed on most small and midline saws manufactured. So for me on almost all applications, I use the 3/8 .050. Every chain manufacturer makes it and like Bogydave said, you can get any variation under the sun!


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Oct 30, 2008
Amanda, OH
I run what I can get a deal on. And since I buy my chain in 100' rolls .058 can be had cheaper than .050. So I tend to run.058.


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