Can I use my old Husky chain and bar on Echo CS-490?

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Minister of Fire
Jan 24, 2012
Is there any reason why I can't or shouldn't use the 18" bar and chains from my old Husqvarna 350 on my newer Echo CS-490? I have several old chains that are certainly good enough for junk work, where I'd be reluctant to use good chains. A slightly shorter bar might be good too, but it's barely an inch shorter.
The oiling holes line up perfectly but I'd need to file out the guide hole for the tensioner. Chain pitch and groove are the same.
Is there something I don't know about that would make this a dangerous modification, or damage the newer saw?

The sprocket may be closer or farther from the bar mount on the new saw, so you might run out of adjustment or need a slightly different length chain.

You could take some measurements to see if they're significantly different.
So long as the saw has the same sprocket as the bar chain combo you can use them.
The other hurdle is will the husky mount work on an echo,like will the slot fit the studs,will the oil holes line up, and will the adjuster work.
After those like mention abaove the lenght of the chain might not match because of a different distance between the sprocket and bar mount.