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New Member
Sep 8, 2023
10512, NY
I am trying to find the right size but really new so terminology of pitch , guage , etc. Is throwing me for loop. For my new bar it uses 3/8 pitch .50 guage and says use 7/32 file. So, I ordered the PFERD off the cart on their page
Screenshot_20231020_155802_Amazon Shopping.jpg

Becasue it matches the 3/8 - 7/32 file on my chain packet. The item I received is 7/32 file but .404 pitch. Will work with my saw ? Or do I need to return and get 3/8 - 13/64 , which I'm guessing would be right one pitch wise but have to buy am additional file in 7/32.

Another question I have is I bought an additional chain that is semi chisel as I read that best for dirty wood. If I read correctly I will be able to use this tool for both semi chisel and full chisel chain, correct?
Thank you. Good for semi chisel too? What about for old bar which is 3/8 but .063 guage. I'm guessing that is no issues as it just wider track in bar.