10-cpm dirty stove issue

sculptor Posted By sculptor, Nov 24, 2012 at 12:02 PM

  1. imacman

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    P. 16 of the owners manual has all the info on how to change modes, plus the #'s for each.
  2. Indiana

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    Dec 5, 2010
    Ever since the hurricane, my cpm has been running a little odd also.We had multiple power failures, some for 5 days or more. Sometimes my cpm resets to corn mode #5. I reset it to #1 and did a restart. Not much changed so I continue to run on 1-2-3. I did another reset this morning. Instead of pressing the blower speed up/down I pressed heat range up/down by mistake. The letter "c" appeared in the display. I fumbled with the up/down buttons and a "p" appeared. Is this also a corn/pellet setting? Giving it a try. If anyone has any insite on this let us cpm owners know. Mike H. might have help.
  3. jrsdws

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    Feb 9, 2011
    Central Illinois
    #1 for pellets
    #5 for corn
    #6 for cherry pits

    The manual makes no mention of any other setting numbers. Mine came shipped set on #3 and resets to #3.

    I don't recall details, but I remember it burned like chit. Imacman helped with the trouble shooting and to put me in mode #1 for pellets and then all was well.

    Does the OP's stove have a tstat on it? If not, is the jumper installed? That stove loses its mind without that jumper.
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    Oct 10, 2012
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    Just wanted to throw my two cent's in. I have been having a similar issue with my TRCPM and have been following all the advice the Good Folks here have freely given and i stumbled upon something today.
    I just happened to look at the plate inside the door to the left that holds the door latch and there was a huge hole about 3/8 inch wide so the latch pin has room to move. After plugging off the hole my stove has been running like a champ. I have been burning for 12 hours now and the glass hardly has a spec on it also the flame is lively and bright.
    Might be worth a look.

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