1995 PelletMaster 3000 Titan for $400...good purchase?

Ashamatash Posted By Ashamatash, Aug 31, 2007 at 4:47 PM

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  1. Gooserider

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    Yes, it is somewhat new... The hazards that I've mentioned have always been present - but used to be we didn't know as much about them, and didn't have much in the way of alternatives. Codes and such are moving targets that get updated as hazards are recognized and alternatives found. One that Elk himself has some responsibility for is a requirement that new HVAC systems have a tie in to the now required CO / Smoke detectors, such that if the alarm goes off, the HVAC fan is shut down - again theory is to reduce spread of fire / smoke.

    Changes in codes mostly get applied two ways - new construction must comply, and generally you aren't allowed to do retrofits in old construction that makes it less compliant. Generally existing structures are "grandfathered" and aren't required to comply, except possibly when the change is relatively low cost and non intrusive, such as the recent Mass. requirement to put smoke detectors in all homes that have fuel burning appliances in them.

  2. Ashamatash

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    Aug 31, 2007
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    Another question:

    Approximately what percentage of Pellet stoves have the exhaust coming out the back vs out the top? This may play an important role in my investment. If I buy used, I may look to upgrade 3 or 4 years down the road, and I don't want to make more than one hole in the side of my house.

    It seems as though a back exhaust unit is much easier to set up than a top exhaust unit. Comments?

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    Look a few post up I answered this one. LOL just screwing with you.

    As far as new stove I dont know of any without Vertical adapter but they are still out the back
    The reason is trying to keep a small foot print stove with a decent size hopper.
    and with 99% of the stoves made today are a Negative air are forced draft Combustion venting system it would be hard to have a top vent and still have a Inline combustion blower.

    Some older stoves that had TRUE top venting where
    Collens Hopper (wood stove conversion that EPA UL shut down)
    Pellet Master Titain.
    Some Fabco units (I think)
    All of these stove were positive air systems with no Inline Combustion blower.
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    Most exhaust heights vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even from stove to stove

    N6CRV those vents were probably from the old old days of the gravity furnaces in the basements.
    I looked at a house that still had this massive boiler (looked like a giant tea kettle) in the basement, directly above was a 4x4 grate to allow heat to the 1st floor and the additional grates leading to the next floor.
    Before central systems this is what they did...
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