2023-2024 burning season !

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Slow start to the season. It’s just getting cold out, but warm and happy tonight.
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How’s everyone burning season going so far 2023-2024! ?
After we burn the pine we have inside, that will be a total of 8 face cord of pine this heating season. The rest of December looks like we can burn pine during the day and then mix in some ash for the overnight burn.

January will get cold like usual so we'll start burning more pellets in the pellet stove at night and during the day either Beech, Ironwood or Sugar Maple .
My burning is going great. Not really cold yet, but enough for a morning fire. I burnt some African wood the other day. Not sure what it was, but my buddy said he had to order carbide blades for his moulding machine. It was hard wood, burned good too.
Cold at night but 50-60 during the day. Tough not to have to cold start nightly.
Good so far burned about 1/2 cord for the season. It's been average temps here in VA. The new stove is kicking butt!
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