25-pdvc upper auger not getting power

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Nov 20, 2023
The upper auger on the pellet stove stopped working so we replaced both motors today. It’s throwing an e2 code. When he hooked the wires from the bottom motor to the top motor it worked. It seems the top motor isn’t getting power from its own wires, what could this be???
Power goes from board to hopper switch to vacuum switch to auger motor
Start by jumping the hopper switch ( auger works, adjust or replace hopper switch
The auger does not work jump vac switch auger works replace vac switch.
Also if the combustion motor is not working there is no vacuum
same door open hopper open even pos the door gasket has failed. Also, make
sure the vacuum hose and nipple are clean and clear. An ashed-plugged stove will cause a no-vacuum
Manual here
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I'll add to that to also look at the vacuum hoses to make sure they're not broken or cracked, that can cause an issue as well.

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