36 Elite Extrodinaire damper and combustion box placement

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Jan 17, 2023
My husband took out the damper and combustion box to clean out our 36 Elite fireplace insert and now doesn't remember how they go back together and in, because of health reasons. Can't find any info in the manual and saw an earlier post here showing a picture without one of the plates for the damper that guides the damper arm. We have that, but I can't figure out the positioning of all the pieces. I've tried different configurations, but none give the full movement of the damper arm that was there before. Anybody know how this model assembles?

36 Elite Extrodinaire damper and combustion box placement
This thread may be of help:
@webby3650 might have some additional insight

FYI - Normally, the bypass damper remains in the fireplace when cleaning unless it is sticking.