$5 million in R&D funds for wood and pellet stoves available from DOE

begreen Posted By begreen, May 11, 2019 at 3:37 PM

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    Copied from main hearth forum:

    DOE has finally started offering R&D funding for wood and pellet stoves and central heaters and they are really hoping to spur genuine innovation that can help appliances burn cleaner in the hands of consumers. Check out this blog with lots more details. Timeline is tight as applicants need to submit a short concept paper by June 3. R&D for automated stoves that use sensors to manage airflow is one interest area. Grants are minimum of $300,000 and max of $1 million. We've been waiting for this sort of government support and interest in our sector and we hope they get lots of good applications! Please spread the word.

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    One of the leading pellet stove’s manufacturer’s rep told me that most pellet stoves will pass the new may 2020 EPA requirements at approx 1.6 grams per hour which is less than the minimum 2.0 GPH in the new requirement. However some pellet stoves which have a manual damper just before the exhaust blower can be set to fail the EPA requirement so automated air flow may be needed to assure the stove meets the new EPA standard! A ha - does this make sense? Also the Enviro Empress pellet stove does not meet the new requirements and may be discontinued???
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