A review on the PE TN20.

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Nov 23, 2013
Gimli, MB
I had it installed Nov 5th this year. Almost 1 month ago. Was a learning curve because i was used to a Franklin with a 10 inch chimney lol. First 2 weeks was hard. I have good wood, but the top stuff was dug out of my old (very old) wood bin by my son. So essentially it was punky ash. I did have well seasoned pine, but it is cold here and it was split too small for the most part. It works, but uses a lot. i finally got to the good stuff and that is helping. I have to caveat here. My house is in renovations and has no vapour barrier in Canada, northern Canada. That will be remedied in January. So i am heating the outside a bit. But, I figure i can maintain a 22 degree Celcius temp if I had better wood (hardwood). I did have a catastrophie when I was in a car accident and was bending over the stove to fill it for night timme and My hip, that i injured in the accident,,,, bent me over and i fell on the stove with my left hand. 3rd degree burns. I just forgot to tell my son about it, and it is fine now. I need to get fire proof gloves when i am ever near it. I have balance issues.

Aside from that stuff. i have a just under 1000 sq ft house and it is doing fine. As i said, it would more than likely overheat me if my place was finished. I tried the temp guage on the flue and it didnt work at all. i use it at on the stove top and I can cruise with good secondaries at 650 routinely. If i don[t use the blower, I have gotten over 750 once or twice. but it quickly goes back down once I put the blower on. No glowing anything. Other than i look like a scary deformed hand person from all the burns, i am extremely happy with this stove. I am warm, and I get coals enough to restart the fire after 6 -7 hours with mostly pine and kind of small split at that. I have probably restarted from scratch maybe 4 times since Nov 5. that is my initial review of this stove and am very happy with it.


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Good review! A cheap pair of welders gloves will keep your hands safe. They're around 5-10 dollars here.


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Jan 19, 2019
SE North Carolina
Here’s the link if you want to copy it into the review section.



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Nov 18, 2005
South Puget Sound, WA
Thanks for the review. It's a nice, affordable stove that can heat well. If you have a moment, it really helps people in the future to also add short version in the rating section here:

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