Adding a electric hot water heater in line with gas heater


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Oct 19, 2017
Long Island, ny
So this is my first year with solar, it appears I prouduce almost twice than I use. I installed a new 50 gallon gas hot water heater last year, the old one was 15 yrs old. I’m wondering if it would be worth plumbing in a electric, possibly a condensing version and using the gas as a holding tank, but keep it on. Gas bill is 50-75 a month in summer, I think you know the fuel of choice to heat the house! Thoughts?


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Nov 23, 2005
if you are talking adding a electric water heater because you generate more electric than you use then it would all depend on how much more electric that you make and the cost per kilowatt hour you are charged and also how much water that you need made. and also remember that a electric hot water heater takes 4500 watts of power. you might find that your electric bill will go up but gas bill go down and it is cheaper on gas depending on kilowatt hour charge.


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Jan 12, 2009
SW Virginia
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John Galt

Oct 22, 2019
W Montana
I have the same situation. Not grid tied, so to have enough power for the winter ( 1 1/2 hours of sun) I have a huge excess for 8 months of the year. I have been thinking of putting in both an electric and a propane water heater. I haven't finalized any design yet but it could be as simple as turning off the supply valves to one and switching whenever the seasons change. Tankless is another option.


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Nov 23, 2005
Heat pump idea is a pretty good one but having to buy all this total cost is this going to pay off? You still have a bill and the amount you save will be minimal compared to the cost??????


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Oct 24, 2020
You can use a tankless water heater. that saves almost half of electricity. save more electricity for other uses. I know electricity is not a problem for you but just a clinical advise.