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New Member
Oct 7, 2023
My 20 plus years old VC Dutchwest XL needs 700 dollar’s worth of parts and rebuilt. Sat in a open lofted 2200 square foot house with basement. 18 ft of 8 inch black pipe to ceiling box and6 feet of stainless on roof seems to be in good shape. With tax incentives out there probably should replace .What are the thoughts out there on what would be good options. Thought about BK King or Green mtn 80 if my chimney was still good since they have 8 inch flues.
Both will work. The BK King is a pure cat stove with a big belly. It will run at a lower output for a longer burn in milder weather. The GM80 is a hybrid so it will run a bit hotter and may have a bit more high-end output if pushed.

If the stove pipe is single-wall then it's losing a lot of heat. The BK King at low output will have low flue temps. Heat loss in the long run of flue pipe could very well cool the flue gases enough to allow creosote to condense in the chimney and accumulate. This occurs when the flue gases drop below about 250º. Both companies recommend double-wall stove pipe for this reason, but for the BK given the long run of stovepipe, I would say it's a necessity here.