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    Are you able to, and would you, explain how a TRULY airtight stove, fireplace insert,and or freestanding wood burner appliance, functions? i.e. how and where does it get combustion air, how does it exaust etc. If you are unable to fulfill my request can and would you refer me some way that I may find this ?


    The word "airtight" does not really mean anything. An airtight stove would, of course, not burn at all.

    Todays stoves could be described as "closed combustion, air limited appliances", meaning you can control the amount of air feeding the fire and thereby control the heat output and length of burn. They also have features that allow them to burn the wood efficiently and produce less smoke and pollution than earlier models. You'll find a lot of information about these appliances all over our web site, including the articles on catalytic and non-cat stoves at https://www.hearth.com/what/specific.html
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