Q&A an old Morso

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Nov 27, 2012

I own a Morso 1B(box wood stove w/ gas chamber on top) and I am trying to remove the grates so I can replace them as they are quite compromised by the years of use(bought in 1976c.). Do you know

a. the trick as to getting them out? and

b. where I can get new ones?

If you are not the right person(s) to answer this, do you know who might be?


Interesting ! I didn't think the Morso 1B had any grate in it....Maybe you are speaking about the side liners or baffle ? Either way, I have two leads...Woodman Associates (https://www.hearth.com/woodman) or Morso themselves at http;//www.morsousa.com

Link: Morso Stoves

Link: Hearth.com Parts Page
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