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Joewein Posted By Joewein, Dec 14, 2007 at 4:53 PM

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    I asked earlier in the week about the combuster and installation in a Bat Cave heater. I was advised to check into code and told that I was probably over my head in the installation by the Administrator. Will he was correct I have contacted a local expert in wood stove installation and found I would have been creating a headache with the original plan I had, so I have now re-arranged my cabin construction a little and moved the placement of the stove to the opposite side of the room for a couple of reasons. Once I get this stove installed, which I will be doing myself just better informed now, I will be lighting it and burning without any experience with this type of stove. Someone suggested that I refer to my manual, well I don't have one I received this stove from a friend that had removed it from a house as part of a remodeling project. Does anyone know where I can get a look at a manual for this Bat Cave Stove wood heater? Also I have dealt with wood stoves and parlor type heaters which all had ash trey's or some way to allow the separation of the coals and ash. This heater is more like a fireplace it has a flat brick surface with no way to remove the ash other than an old fashion fireplace shovel. Now, I would have put a fireplace great in there but now I wonder if there is some type of special great or way to burn in this type of heater that I don't know about.

    This is a Bat Cave Stove Company wood heater that can be used as a stand alone or insert. I will be using it as a stand alone in a small cabin should be more than enough.

    Ya'll have been a great help so far I look forward to your response.
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