Another reason to love my insert and burn wood

derwood Posted By derwood, Jan 4, 2008 at 3:05 AM

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    Ok, I know some of this may not exactly apply to everyone since many of you have gas or oil, but it makes me feel better since I have an electric heat pump which I would be relying on if I didn't have an efficient insert.

    This comes from part of a presentation made at a major utility board meeting. Part of it focused on what happens to the energy starting with coal in the ground to electricity in your house.

    Starting with 100% in the ground,
    97% is left after mining, processing and transportation,
    32% is left after generation, and
    29% is left after transmission for a total loss of 71%.

    The numbers are the same for nuclear nevermind the legacy waste issues.

    Unfortunately a tremendous amount is lost in the conversion process to make megawatts.

    Now even with a new epa insert I had wondered about clean burning and how much of an impact there might be compared to the high technology scrubbers and selective catalytic reduction approaches in use to minimize CO2 and SOx emissions. But with the large amount lost in the energy production process, I'm thinking burning wood could very well have a positive impact.
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