Arbor Day Spruce

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Feeling the Heat
Jan 17, 2013
I live in Southern Idaho, and I've been getting some rounds of some sort of Spruce. I don't know much about spruce. At first I thought it was some sort of pine. Yet, I never see this Spruce growing in the wild. I finally figured out what it is, Blue Spruce, and why there is so much of it - Arbor Day (Arbor Day celebrates nature/trees).

These are the little potted trees handed out freely by the thousands on Arbor Day. It must grow fast because there are 1/4-1/2" spaces between the growth rings. Blue Spruce isn't very dense. It must be one of the lightest species of spruce. I grabbed 4 or 5 cords of it this year, anyways (downed trees at 'house for sale', seller ok'd). What are your experiences with spruce? Any good for firewood?
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Jul 20, 2023
Wet, wet, Washington
I know they're good for blood donation - having carried one back to the car when picking out a Christmas tree :). Prickly, prickly...


Minister of Fire
Sep 18, 2019
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
We have some of it up here (lots of other spruce species though), usually tighter rings, but that's due to the much harsher climate.

I burn it, not a lot of btus, but makes great kindling and for short hot fires. Or if you can tend to the stove every hour or two to reload it can throw more heat than almost any wood.

Spruce works good to burn down a bunch of hardwood coals. Just watch the sparks, Spruce pops more than almost any other wood.
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