Are the feet valuable?

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Dec 15, 2013
feet, hands, ears, eyes, etc all very valuable!
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Exceptionally rare configuration of concrete block?
There has been a seller on eBay for a long time with over 10 sets of the regular size ball that measure 1 5/8 diameter for $100 a set. They are new. He has sold 36 sets to date.

These should measure 2 inch diameter for the Fireplace Legs. They are not near as common. With the most common bear feet selling $100 each or more, set your price. Many people that buy a stove with this leg option where they are missing are not aware they have been removed. I would not take less than $200 for a good set.

2 inch chrome ball bearings are cheap, but drilling the finish surface is another matter. I don't know how hard the inside is after grinding through the hardened surface. That's the only way I know to make them.

The buyer of the XL that sold on eBay this Dec. 19 for $2,850 probably wouldn't mind paying a few hundred for a set.