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    Hello, I just moved into a house with a Federal Airtight wood burning stove. Since the new house is in Santa Barbara, I've never used one of these before -- so a couple of very dumb questions: -- In the door to the stove has insulation that looks like it might be asbestos -- is that a possibility? -- Does Federal Airtight have a web site (I've looked and found nothing). I'd like to look at the "instruction manual". -- Because wood burning stoves/heaters are so rare here, I can't find anyone locally who knows much about them in terms of maintenance / cleaning / operation,etc. Any suggestions?


    Federal or Dutchwest stoves have been made in many models. The first ones were poorly made and from Taiwan. More recent ones have been made by Vermont Castings, who bought the company. Yes, it's very possible that your older Federal does have asbestos gasketing. This small quantity of asbestos may not pose a danger..still, newer models use fiberglass gasket. You could replace yours if you like. The web site would be http://www.vermontcastings.com , the current manufacturers.

    For local experts, try the National Fireplace Institute http://www.nficertified.org

    Link: Vermont Castings

    Link: National Fireplace Institute
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