Ashford 30.2 acting weird

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Sep 16, 2023
Question regarding my 3 year old Ashford 30.2. Since today was going to be warm, I didn't add wood this morning before going to work, so did a cold start a little bit ago. For some reason after getting going, it seems like the flames were only burning on the front half of the stove. Cat is currently glowing and cat thermometer is currently at about 4:30, but it just looks like there is no activity toward the back of the stove. Wood is cherry and tested 16%-17%. This is the first time I have ever seen this happen. It's a new cat this year as well due to a warranty issue with the original.

Thank you for ideas and suggestions!
Could just be the way the firewood was stacked. Maybe a little tougher for fire to flow to the rear. The air comes in from the air wash only.

If you have leftover unburned wood then perhaps some wet stuff got in there but this may just be the way the cookie crumbles on this load.
I think you're right. Woke up this morning, and the rear portion of wood was glowing. I had a bottom row going EW with a pretty small piece between the front and back piece and had the super cedar toward the front when starting. Wondering if that middle piece burnt quickly and wasn't close enough to the rear piece to catch it good. Who knows. I'll keep an eye on it!

Appreciate the response!
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My 30.2 does some strange lopsided burns sometimes too, but mine is more side to side. Even with a warm reload with the gauge at the active/inactive transition I can get a better char burn on just the left or right side sometimes and it's very uneven like it's not even going start on one side. But 20-24 hours later at the next reload it's just all ash and some glowing coals at the back of the stove. It ends up all evenly burned at the end.

I don't remember my Princess insert doing that at my last house, but it could of and I just don't remember.
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