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    Jan 26, 2008
    I recently purchased a Whitfield Advantage II-T from a co-worker very cheap because the auger wasnt make a long story short I (not knowing anything about pellet stoves) decided to take the auger motor apart...BAD MOVE!!! I quickly decided that was a mistake and tried to get it together the best I could...It actually worked for 1 whole night after that but then it started making a grinding noise and died. I needed a new auger motor and with an ice storm coming in I needed it like yesterday. I was planning on ordering one from the internet but it seemed like it would take a week to get it. I got on the Lennox website and looked for dealers in OHIO and the last one on the list was the only dealer that carried parts for their stoves. I hit the jackpot as far as parts go. The dealer is Stiver Swimming Pools in Lewisburg, Ohio. He had 3 auger motors in stock as well every part you would ever need for your Whitfield pellet stove. They stock a wide variety of whitfield and the new stoves with the Lennox name as well. He had 2-3 stoves hooked up and burning in the shop for heat which I thought was cool. There number is 1-800-784-8377 and Mike was the guy that helped me. He was very knowledgable about the Whitfield stove which made it nice. They even have the ultra grates there for those of us who have the older stoves without them. He also told me that Lennox just agreed to keep making parts for the Whitfields for another 10 years.
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