Auber and probe thermometer users

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Around 500º.
That's within the normal operating temperature range for the flue gas temp read with a probe wtih 650º being the higher end for our stove. We run mostly in that range unless pushing the stove harder for heat. Then it might go up to 700. We're at 644º now, 2hrs after reloading the fireI
I would be close to smoldering if I tried to run 400-600* with the Myriad 2. I shoot for 700-750* flue temp. My STT is usually 50-75* less than the flue temp. I am planning to add a damper when the weather warms up and I can let it go cold for a bit .
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It's pretty easy in the T6 in our normal weather burning doug fir. I was runnng a bit hotter during the cold snap when burning maple with colder outside temperatures boosting draft strength. The flue temp hung around 700º for an hour or so at peak burn then. Today we are back to 35º weather and burning doug fir again. Note that I had the stove pipe damper closed during those burns.
I know this isn’t what the OP is asking, but this thread could be interesting because there isn’t a recommended flue temp that fits all. It just interesting to hear where folks run, and how it relates to their stoves.

My little Aspen can be pushing 850STT at around 650 +/- on the Auber 24” up the pipe.

So to say, for example, 850 flue is max safe temp isn’t going to work for everyone. I’d probably be at 1236STT if I had the Auber at 850.
This is what I use for cat temp monitoring. Mine pushes through the factory hole in the back of the stove and it pushes through a small hole I made in the refractory, no sealer. I have seen over 1600 on my cat, not normal or what I want but it happened.
I've been running my Drolet Austral I for the last 9 years strictly by using flu temps. I use a K type thermocouple wired to a digital readout to measure the double-wall flu temps at 40" above the stove top, so that the thermocouple wire is clear of the stove top and strung neatly along the ceiling to the readout by my couch in the basement. Stove is vented straight up & out 22', with a key damper right above the stove top. I always aim to run it at my ideal temp of 315°C (599°F), although I'll often allow it to reach ~345°C (653°F) if I'm in need of pushing it; however I've hardly needed to push it at all last winter, and certainly not much again this winter.... 🙄

Auber and probe thermometer users Auber and probe thermometer users Auber and probe thermometer users
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There is a bracket attached to the thermocouple that screws to the pipe. Unscrew it, slide it out, clean, put it back in.Auber and probe thermometer users
My typical temps are a cat temp of around 800 and a flue temp of around 225. I seldom take the temp of the STT or flue. If I do it's with an IR gun. For me it all about the cat temp.
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