Auger Noise- What does yours sound like???

Robzheat Posted By Robzheat, Oct 2, 2006 at 12:44 PM

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  1. Robzheat

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    Sep 30, 2006
    I have a new Harman XXV and I was wondering what the auger on other XXv sound like. The only way I can describe mine is, it sounds like bees in a nest when it turns, it's not really a buzzing noise , but more like a mechanical turning noise, which I know that what it is , It's a gear drive with a chain. What does yours sound like. FYI, seems loud, loudest part of the stove

  2. TedNH

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    Aug 30, 2006
    Surry NH
    Thats how it sounds.
    Its not the chain I hear I think. Its the pellets falling into the auger path and being moved up to the fire.
  3. GVA

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    Sep 4, 2006
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    I'm really trying to hold back on getting too technical here but in simpler terms the best way to look at is the blowers are fan motors usually shaded pole motors this in a nut shell means that the amount of energy to start them is high in the beginning but there is no load on them really when they are up to speed the energy demand is diminished because rotational forces will keep it turning (like a pinwheel, it takes a little more air to get it going but less to maintain it turning) this is a very quiet motor the noise generated is by the fan blades themselves. The gearmotor however has rotor and a stator with a magnetic field that keeps the rotor turning even under load when the motor turns it makes a bit of noise not much now add to that the gearing for the auger to get the 4 RPM output and your noise is multiplied it can be annoying at times.
    The buzzing that I thru out there in the other thread is a common thing where a shroud is loose, the hum you are talking about is the gearmotor and it is normal. How often does it run, I'm in the other room and can hear the pellets dropping in my stove but not really the gearmotor. Maybe there is too much of a load on the the chain too tight?

    Once in a while the stator or coil assembly (this is the laminated section of metal plates wrapped around the rotor with 2 screws holding it in place) when tightened down improperly during assembly will cause the stator to bind and give you more noise. If you want to check next time the stove is off (completly) unplug the stove and turn the auger by spinning the little fan on the back it should spin freely (not like a pinwheel) if you flick it with your finger it should move maybe 1/2 to full turn, do this a couple of times if it does bind then you should call to have a tech come look at it (I don't know your technical experience or mechanical ability), or it may break itself in eventually, but it could also fail.
    The chain has little to do with the noise even if it was belt driven it would make the same noise at 4 RPM. If it was 40 RPM the chain would add some noise to the equation..
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