Auto Fan - QuadraFire Expedition II Issues

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Plink in NM

Jul 7, 2021
New Mexico
I'm wondering if anyone else with a QuadraFire Expedition II or VC Montpelier II insert has experienced an issue with the automatic fan. I had the insert installed in the fall and during the first use of it in Nov. for a 2 day trial period the fan came on and shut off flawlessly. Then in Dec. It also worked flawlessly during a 2-day burn...then quit, and never came on again the following 2 days. The install tech came out and replaced the snap disc, and a few days later the exact same scenario: It functioned perfectly for 2 days and then quit. I understand that the disc is rated (there are 3 different ones to my understanding) at 125 d.F. When this insert is burning nicely the ambient in-stove temp is at least 4 times that so why is this thing not working?? Other than this fan issue, the QF insert is fantastic and heats the half of the house with it to 79-80. To be honest, the only time I really want to rely on the auto fan is overnight so that it shuts off and isn't blowing cool(er) air come 4 am or so. But that said, technology is such that this shouldn't be happening. Any thoughts?
I had a Quad pellet stove years ago and the only bummer with it was that it ate snap switches like candy. I replaced at least one a year. This sounds similar. It might be good to do some research and see if there are more durable alternatives, maybe with a higher amperage rating?
I have a quad expedition 2 as well. The automatic fan switch has never worked.
Make sure that the switch is pressed firmly against the stove body. If you suspect it is defective, get it up to 130º and use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If the switch remains in the open state then it needs replacement.
I suffered from the erratic automatic fan for the first year then replace the whole fan assembly. See here:

So to put blower fan in Auto mode. The switch has to be in the down position or up position. ?? As per the dial. It has to be 1 click over for auto mode?
Looks like Auto is in the down position.