Avalon 990 Door Hinge Repair

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New Member
Dec 5, 2021
One other "project" in my refurbishing of this Avalon 990 stove is dealing with some play in the upper door hinge. The stove has a brass door frame, and the "hinges" are just vertical holes in the brass frame that slide over steel pins on the stove body. The pins are narrow (maybe 1/8" in diam or so) and welded to the stove body.

It appears that over the years the holes in the brass have worn a bit, and there is a tiny bit of play in the hinges, more so on the top one. The amount of play is small, like maybe a fraction of a mm (will have to measure it when the stove is cool sometime). Even at the far end of the door it only moves a mm or so from the play.

I see the manufacture sells some replacement hinge pins, but they are all much bigger in diameter and won't work here. I could buy a whole new door or maybe door frame to fix the problem, but that seems like overkill. Seems like a good machinist could put a sleeve in the brass holes and eliminate the play. Might even be able to knurl the inside of the holes and take up the play that way, but with soft brass not sure how long that would last.

Just curious if anyone else has seen this problem and how they dealt with it.


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Dec 27, 2013
West near Yellowstone
To me it seems that a millimeter or so of play at the latch side of the door opposite hinges from use is acceptable wear and tear. It the gasket material on the door able to pass the dollar test? If not replace the gasket with the appropriate sized gasket then recheck for the previous play. If the door gasket passes the dollar test I would not repair the door hinge.
The old technique for brass repair was brazing, it may be possible to repair the worn area using that technique then drilling it out to fit the hinge pin. Proper high temperature anti seize applied to wear point on hinges may help pre further damage IMO
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