Backdraft issue

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Chris kim

Oct 14, 2021
South Salem NY
I'm using a Drolet wood insert last 3 years and there're no issues since installing a heat pump water heater 2weeks ago. I put heater on basement, my wood insert located first floor of second story house. I have 25ft long insulated liner and I just cleaned up. I use well seasoned wood. When stove and liner get hot still smoke comes out from the stove . I tried to open the window but still doesn't work. I changed the electric mode which is heater doesn't suck in the air or blow it out anymore, but there is still an issue. How can I keep smoke from coming into the house?
The water heater should not be exhausting air to the outside? It should use air from inside and release it inside again. So it should not produce negative pressure.

I suggest checking the flue for blockages
then the water heater should have no influence whatsoever on the stove.

Can you see the cap of the chimney? Is it not clogged?

No kitchen or bathroom fan on?

No blockages above the baffle in the stove?
I turn off all the fans. I can see the chimney cap and I don't see the blockage. there is nothing above baffle. I just ordered endocope inspection camera just in case. So frustrating!
Yes, then I'm a bit out of ideas.

If smoke rolls into the home, you're not having enough draft. If you had sufficient draft earlier, that suggests something changed, and normally that something would be a (partial) blockage somewhere.

I hope others can chime in. I know @EbS-P has the same brand stove (though I'm not necessarily convinced it's a stove issue).
You removed the baffle for cleaning??
What type of water heater was replaced?
They can't be in a closet, but a basement has enough heat content to make it work, generally, is what I understood. But even then it's not outside air that's involved.
I thought heat pump water heaters need ventilation?
Just need air circulation. I have mine in a basement smaller room with open door. Pulls from the ceiling and exhausts at floor level. I could not see any advantage of ducting through the building envelope.
Re: Backdraft issue

Yeah, I know... totally implausible. But if you check your brain at the door, it can be a fun movie.

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