Q&A bark and small pieces

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Nov 27, 2012

I just bought a bush cord of wood. As I stacked it I end up with a great deal of bark and very small pieces of wood. I kept most of the larger pieces for kindling (sp) what should i do with it???? can I burn it, compost it????(small yard) or get it hauled away. Let me know thanks in ahead Ted


Many people use the bark to mulch around bushes and such in their yard.....It will compost (the bark), but you would not want it to be too much as compared to your other compost or it will throw the ph of your compost off.... Youn the bark or the small pieces, but they are a pain to handle...and then throw away the stuff that's no good for anything. Folks (like me) that live in the woods don't have these problems (grin) - we just haul it into the woods and dump it !
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