Berkeley natural gas ban struck down

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Ok, this is interesting. I didn’t know 240v burners existed. When I converted the stove to gas I took the already installed electric line and installed a sub panel right below thinking it would make it easier to rewire the kitchen some time in the future. I could easily run a line right up for the burner. I still haven’t really started the rewire project. All I’ve done was a new circuit to run the microwave I put in over the stove.

So many projects, so little time/want to do them!
If I were to tackle the project I’d make it 240 receptacle. Most restaurant equipment states it must be hard wired but for my kitchen I’d like to swap out a decent sized countertop flattop or wok burner or high power single induction burner. The 240 units are pricey. The cheaper alternative is set up an outdoor cook space with propane.
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